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Clear Aligners

If you want a straighter smile but are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing traditional braces, clear aligners can be an excellent solution. The advancements in modern orthodontic technology have made it possible for orthodontists to inconspicuously straighten teeth that are crowded, protruding, or widely spaced and move them into a position that is more pleasing to the eye. In just months of discreet treatment, patients can finally achieve the smile of their dreams in a way that is unobtrusive to their appearance or lifestyle. Aside from being more esthetic, clear aligner technology offers other significant advantages. Through computer-aided design and CBCT/Cone Beam 3-D imaging, Dr. Harrell will create precise three-dimensional planning of tooth movements. This allows Dr. Harrell to carefully customize treatment along with the patient prior to the device manufacturing process. There is a difference in treatments and approaches and you should always search out the most qualified and best-fit Doctor and methodology for your desired results.


Why Choose Dr. Harrell for your Clear Aligners treatment?


Though clear aligners are found in orthodontic (and dental) offices all over the world, patient results can vary dramatically between providers. Clear aligners can be an incredible tool; but in the end, it’s just that – a tool. The treating doctor is ultimately the architect designing your smile and bite.


Dr. Harrell’s Pioneering work in 3D orthodontic imaging, among the prestigious credentials has lead him to take a part-time position as a Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he is responsible for the training of outstanding, world-class students who are studying to become certified orthodontists. To complement his over 40 years of clinical experience, he brings an incredible passion for new technologies and the attention to detail and service that is seldom found in today’s world with each and every patient he treats.


If you dream of a straighter smile and are looking for an alternative to traditional braces, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harrell to see if clear aligners can be the right fit for you! We are providers for Invisalign clear aligners as well as Clear Correct clear aligners and many other clear aligner options on the market that may be right for you.






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